We are bank instruments providers BG, SBLC, MTN

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I write to inform you that we are bank instruments providers and we can assist you with all bank instruments services and needs; BG, SBLC, MTN, POF/BCL, MT103, Loan e.t.c to aid you secure funds appropriately from any AAA+ rated banks to finance your business or project. Our BG and SBLC are going for 6+2% for leasing and 35+2% for buying. We provide both Fresh Cut, Leased and Seasoned instrument .
Please kindly send me an email with the below address for more information : rm582918@gmail.com
Micheal J Ramoss.
Tel: +19086524672.
Email :  rm582918@gmail.com
Skype: live:6cfba93b8a7d9d3f
Contact Person Name Micheal J Ramoss
Phone Number +19086524672
Website Link skype : live:6cfba93b8a7d9d3f