Sow Feed Trough, Feeding Trough for Sow, Sow Feeders

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Sow Feed Trough, Feeding Trough for Sow, Sow Feeders


1.This product uses the stainless steel material.Stainless steel edge can effectively prevent the trough sows bite.

2.It has no dead angle, so it is not easy to breed bacteria, which makes the sow diet healthy.It has no welding, which can prevent it from loosening.

3.In-mold stainless steel plate makes it convenient to clean.To gather the food hygiene, reduce the risk of infectious diseases, the use of waste not feed.

4.Unbreakable, fell not crack, sturdy and durable, long service life.Be suitable for large-scale animal feeding,pig feeding and so on.

Type Length Height Width Thickness
Small Type 420 mm 230 mm 355 mm 1.2mm / 1mm
Big Type 530 mm 230 mm 390 mm 1.2mm / 1mm

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