Slatted Floor, Plastic Pig Floor, Durable Leakage Dung Plate

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Slatted Floor, Plastic Pig Floor, Durable Leakage Dung Plate


1.Floor design with a circular surface design, greatly improving the loading capacity per unit area of floor, corrosion resistance, easier fecal leakage, easy to clean and to avoid pinching pigs hooves and a series of benefits.

2.Help pigs and goats have a good environment.Effective dung leaking, easy to clean and install.Thickening floor, strong compression resistance.Keep away from wet feed and shit and reduce the disease.


Product Code Materials Size Type Weight Thickness
SF91801 PP 30 x 60 cm conventional 0.86kg 4cm
SF91802 PP 50 x 60 cm reinforced 1.51kg 4cm
SF91803 PP 50 x 70 cm conventional 1.35kg 4cm
SF91804 PP 50 x70 cm reinforced 1.59kg 4cm
SF91805 PP 50 x 70 cm strengthern and thick 2.04kg 4.8cm
SF91806 PP 50 x70 cm no leakage dung type 1.83kg 4cm
SF91807 PP 60 x 70 cm reinforced 1.90kg 4cm
SF91808 PP 60 x 70 cm strengthern and thick 2.38kg 4.8cm
SF91809 PP 70 x 70 cm reinforced 2.16kg 4cm
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