Semen Bag, Plastic Germ Bag, Artificial Insemination Collection Bag

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Semen Bag, Plastic Germ Bag, Artificial Insemination Collection Bag


1.The semem bag is made of double composite film with 40ml,80ml and 100ml volumes,the outer layer of high strength plastic film, tough wear, easy to scratch, the inner layer is a medical grade non-toxic plastic film, sperm friendly, suitable for long Time to save semen. 

2.The semen bags are particularly suitable for hanging automatic feeding, bag body with holes in the vas deferens inserted into the sow after the body without waiting, as long as the bag hanging on the rope above the sow, the staff can Carry out other work. Continuous semen bags are a good helper to improve staff productivity.

3.It is with continuous semen bags to ensure that the whole process of semen dressing sterile dust, reduce the chance of pollution, improve sow pregnancy rate.Packing: 250 bags / roll, 1000 bags / box.

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