Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch, Sterile Packaging Pouch

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Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch, Sterile Packaging Pouch


Self Sealing Pouches is constructed from medical sterilization papers and multilayer barrier films. On the top there is a strong adhesive tape which is used to seal the pouch safely without the sealing machines.

There are two sterilization indicators for ethylene oxide and steam vapor processes on the pouch, which will change colours obviously when after the sterilization cycle is finished, and are able to indicate if the sterilization process is enough and distinguish the articles of sterilized and non-sterilized.


1.Material: French Arjo paper/Medical Direct-Seal Paper+PET/CPP Clear Blue/Green/White Film.Sterilization method Ethylene oxide (ETO),Steam 

2.Indicators:Initial pink turns brown/yellow(when ETO processed).Initial blue turns grey/black(when VAPOR or Steam processed)

3.Popular sizes: 57x130mm,60boxes/ctn.70x260mm,20boxes/ctn.90x210mm,20boxes/ctn.90x260mm,20boxes/ctn.

4.Application:Hospital,Dental clinic,medical device factory,nail&beauty supply, piercing tattoo supply etc.

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