Poultry Drinker With Handle, Plastic Handle Poultry Drinker

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Poultry Drinker With Handle, Plastic Handle Poultry Drinker


1. Material PP,very light but hard enough to hold 1.5-10L water.

2. The product can be standing floor or be hung.

3. Long durability,good corrosion resistance effects.

4. Easy to access and clean.

5. can used in cage or free-range the chickens on floor.

6. Using for Broiler, breeder chicken and small chick, birds.

Size Height Diameter Weight
1KG Poultry Drinker 17.5CM 19CM 100G
1.5KG Poultry Drinker 19CM 23CM 142G
3KG Poultry Drinker 24CM 28.5CM 240G
6KG Poultry Drinker 30.5CM 33.5CM 390G
11KG Poultry Drinker 38CM 36.5CM 678G
14KG Poultry Drinker 40CM 38CM 755G
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