How to get rid of annoying Norton utilities 16 setup popup?

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Norton uses popups in order to inform you of the
latest products, features, Norton utilities etc. these popups appear when you
run Norton Program in the background. These notifications not always prove to
be useful, but annoy users because they hamper them in their work that. They
may also lose concentration when such popups appear in between their work.
Fortunately you can get rid of these popups because has ample of settings that can be changed according to your

Follow the steps given below in order to get rid of Norton 16
setup popup:

Method 1

1.  Start your computer and go to the search bar.

2.      Type “Norton AntiVirus” or “Norton 360” and tap “Enter” that will open Norton AntiVirus.

3.      Now, go to the “Settings” tab under which you will find
“General” option, tap on it.

4.      Tap on “Norton Tasks” side tab and click “Next”.

5.      Click on the green-colored bar that appears next to “Norton
Task Notification” and turn it off.

6.      Tap “Other Settings” tab and click “Next”.

7.      Click on the green-colored bar that appears next to “Special
Offer Notification” and disable it also.

8.      Tap the “Performance Monitoring” tab and click “Next”.

9.      Now, tap twice on the green-colored bar that appears next to
“Performance Alerting” and disable it.

10.  Tap “Network” side tab and click “Next”.

11.  Now tap on the “Intrusion Prevention” side tab and then
click “Notifications” and disable it also.

12.  Click “Apply settings” to finally disable Norton pop-ups.

13.  Tap on the “Close” button to exit from the Norton setup.

Method 2

Disable these popups with the help of “Norton Task Notification”. It lets you hide or

show the popups that appear when you run your Norton product on your device and
certain programs start running in the background automatically such as Full
System Scan, Automatic LiveUpdate, and Insight Optimizer.

By default, this option is enabled to let users have insight into the latest
Norton products and utilities as well as what is going in the background. You
can easily disable this option if you do not want these popups to appear on
your computer screen. Disabling Norton Task Notification option will not hamper
in the scanning process of the Norton AntiVirus. 

To disable the popups:

1.      Open your Norton product.

2.      Navigate to its “settings”.

3.      Go to “Administrative settings”.

4.      Open “Norton Task Notifications”.

5.      Uncheck the box that appears next to Norton Task Notification

6.      You can enable it again in case you change your mind.

To conclude-                                                               

It is important to keep a check on notifications and popups because once you click on
it knowingly or unknowingly it may take you to an illegal or infected website.
After buying and installing any product on your device, it is recommended to
read its “terms and conditions” very carefully and then agree to it. Always
keep a check on products default settings and make changes to it accordingly.

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