Hoof Disinfection Tank, Cattle Foot Bath Plate

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Hoof Disinfection Tank, Cattle Foot Bath Plate


1. Size: 200*85*18CM.Weight: 20KG.Made by low density polyethylene high temperature rotational moulding, avirulent insipidity, Do not let the chemical pollution for the medicine, easy to clean.

2. Flanging design, easy to carry, and do not the hurt the cow leg.

3. Simple structure, convenient use, large bearing capacity, low temperature resistance, anti-aging, can enhance work efficiency and long service life.

4. Design is reasonable, the network support body does not make hoof open too big, will not harm the cow hooves.


1. Usually placed at the entrance to the milking parlour, longitudinal put.

2. Pour over enough liquid according to the cattle’s hoof high, generally will drown the network support body around 40 mm.

3. Cow step on the disinfection tank grid support body, cattle hoof closed part is opened naturally, so as to make the disinfectant dipping an entire cow hooves, thorough disinfection.

4. It is very good effect to prevent cattle hoof disease and disinfection, but also saves the manpower, improve work efficiency, reduce cost.

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