Animal Marking Sticks, Livestock Marker, Animal Marker Crayon

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Our company is one of the leading livestock instruments manufacturers and suppliers of Husbandry and Veterinary in China. We are capable of manufacturing own core products, also sourcing from reliable and selected manufacturers, keep quality and prices under control so as to supply the suitable and competitive products to the oversea market.

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Animal Marking Sticks, Livestock Marker, Animal Marker Crayon


1.Reliable and Economical:Animal marking crayon is used for marking of cattle, sheep and pigs.It is a Ideal for temporary Identification, a reliable and economical method.

2.Safe and Environmental:The material is special waxes and paraffin oil,environmental protection, non-toxic side effects,.Non-toxic to the skin of animals.

3.Bright and Lasting:Color: green,red,blue is available. Long lasting. Highly visible, Colors are bright. So It can been seen from a long distance.

4.Animal marker crayonConvient and Clear:Animal marker crayon is simple to use convenient, lipstick type spiral pipe, wax is good, color is gorgeous, marked clearly.


1.Animal Marker Crayon: Gross weight: 102g, net weight: 82g.Plastic shell or paper shell.Regular color: red, blue, yellow, green.

2.MOQ for regular color: 1500 pieces/color. MOQ for other color: 3000 pieces/color.

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